Compare | Cell phone Rental for Japan

Pick up the phone before you leave for Japan and have it ready to use!

J-Plaza have tie-up with au, one of major Japanese mobile phone company by KDDI corporation, to offer the best deal for you.

Service/ Deal S Company T Company J-Plaza
Pick up/ Return in U.S.
(save up your time at the airport)
Notification of phone number in advance
Domestic Service Area Softbank E-Mobile au by KDDI
International call to U.S. 105 Japanese yen
($1.05) / minute
$1.50 / minute $1.00 / minute
(Same rate as domestic calls)
Free data/ tethering

(Service Unavailable)

(For iPhone5, up to 3GB)
Customer Service
(Japanese Only)

(Email - Japanese Only)

(Telephone support in Japan and NY - English Available in NY)

※Based on information as of January 1, 2014.