How to Apply | Cell phone Rental for Japan

Step1 : Prepare information

Please have following information with you in order to process.
・Credit card
・U.S. address
・U.S. phone number
・Email address
・Rental start date/ end date

Step2 : Check service coverage

Please check the service coverage before booking. (Japanese only)

Step3 : Book rental item

Please book 5 days prior to your rental starting date. If you have less than 5 days, please visit our store or give us a call at 212-725-1730.
(We may have a limited stock so please give yourself plenty of time.)

※To add an insurance for your phone, click "安心補償Anshin Insurance" and add "1"on its Quantity.
※If you cannot come to our store to pick up your rental item, click "郵送 Shipping (Round Trip)", making sure your shipping area, and add "1" on its Quantity.
※If you prefer express shipping, please call J-Plaza.
※For our delivery service, we use Fedex Express. Direct Signature is required, so please write an address where you or a third party can sign. If you would like to pick up at your nearest FedEx office, you'll need to make an arrangement through FedEx website.
※If you're ordering more than 3 items for delivery, please contact via phone.

If you would like to apply in-store, please plan on spending 15 minutes to process. Please note that you can only pick up your rental item one day before your rental start date.

J-Plaza (New York)
49 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036 / Phone: 212-532-6786 / Store Hours: Mon - Sun 11am -7pm

Step4 : Pick Up

You can pick up your rental item one day before your rental start date.
If you choose delivery, we will send to your address one day before your rental start date.

Step5 : Start Using

After arriving at any Japanese airport, you can start using the phone.
For au rental service, usage fee will be charged via credit card submitted. This process may take approximately one month after you return.
Please check usage fee from here.
※In case of emergency, contact information will be given on user guide.

Step6 : Return

Please return your rental item at our store by the next day of your rental ending date.
For delivery, drop off the return package at FedEx by the next day of your rental ending date.