Compare - WiFi Rental for Japan

J-Plaza offers the best deal compare to other rental service!

Arrange your rental reservation now! Pick up your rental device in the U.S. and you can save up your time at the airport.

Service/ Deal M Company T Company J-Plaza
Pick up/ Return in U.S.
(save up your time at the airport)
Rental Rate $109/ a week 1,260 Japanese yen
($12.30) / day
$9/ day (Unlimited)
15% off if you are renting more than 16 days
Domestic Coverage Area E-Mobile E-Mobile UQ Communications
Internet Speed Maximum download Speed: 21Mbps/ Maximum upload speed 5.8Mbps Maximum download Speed: 75Mbps/ Maximum upload speed 25Mbps Maximum download Speed: 40Mbps/ Maximum upload speed: 10Mbps
Maximum number of connected device 5 10 10
Customer Service
(NY Only - English Available)

(Telephone support in Japan - English Available)

(Telephone support in Japan and NY - English Available in NY)

※Based on information as of January 1, 2014.